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smash the control images.

smash the control machine.

birthday cake
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my name is bonnie.. mhm.. a whole bunch.
you can find out everything else about me there ever was to know by reading everything here.

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names and points of interest..

deborah = my best friend and sister.

chase/him = the man i love.

spartacus/le bebe = my son. he's three.

nick = my very soon to be ex-husband and the father of my child.

michael = my other best friend and the best dude..

jeff & amber = my brother.. sober and awesome, all the way. and his girlfriend, who i don't know very well but think is just fabulous.

karena = my sister who took her family to michigan so that she could attend lawschool.


jennifer = my sister who is off getting her PhD in ohio.

-( not even close enough to her to own a picture of her )-

..not that everyone else i mention is of no consequence.. but these are the main players in my life.


oh.. and then there's me..

..in his bed